The Know Where Bar, located in Hollywood at 5634 Hollywood Blvd, is a 1930s American Streamline Moderne-designed bar built by Ben Adams and Alex Meza.

Back in 1960’s Chicago stood “The Know Where Bar,” a hidden gem brought to fortune by none other than Adams’ grandfather. With fine attention and numerous obstacles, Adams and Meza have resurrected the charm and sophistication for all of Los Angeles to enjoy.

The Know Where Bar values the overall customer experience foremost — leaving the herbs and spices in the kitchen. A place to sip classic cocktails, laugh and take a break from the world — back to what a bar truly was.

Inspired by the clean, classy, yet comfortable look of the 1930s, Know Where pairs its velvet furnishings and swanky decor to its sophisticated cocktail menu.

With its minimal design, all to the beat of hand-picked vinyl classics, Know Where sets out to inspire people to re-engage with one another. Withal, get back to the basics and reconnect with oneself… or make a new friend just a barstool away.